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Tag like you have never tagged before

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Tags are one of the pillars of the fluxiom experience. With tags, you get a layer of near-infinite flexibility in how you combine, traverse and group your assets. As part of our recent back-end upgrades, we have introduced a new, more reactive, mechanism that now updates tags on-the-fly across the entire interface.

Whenever you add, rename or remove tags from your fluxiom account, changes will now immediately be reflected across the board, in all parts of the interface. That means you will have even fewer reasons to reload the page over the course of your day and will, therefore, enjoy an overall smoother, more efficient workflow.

As always, we’ll keep on sweating the little details for you! In the meantime, we very much welcome your comments, questions and feedback, on this feature and on any other aspect of fluxiom.

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Introducing fluxiom's Free plan

We at fluxiom like to do things well. When it comes to storing your data, that means investing in heavy-duty server equipment, ensuring our back-up system is comprehensive, and putting our gear into secure data centres. Only then do we start thinking about features and design.

When safeguarding data, one also needs to be sure the machines do not fill up with junk or malicious content. Ensuring our hard drives serve our patrons and serious prospects only helps keep the system stable, nimble and affordable for everyone.

For this very reason, we traditionally asked for a credit card number at sign-up and restricted an account’s storage quota until the first billing cycle. That way, users could get started with fluxiom for free and evaluate the service, but the day they wanted to go steady and to entrust their most valuable assets to our drives, we asked them for a financial commitment. As announced a few days ago, that limitation is no more.

We heard you loud and clear, some of you were uncomfortable providing us with a credit card number before having seen the goods. Others had more modest needs that did not justify a monthly pecuniary commitment, but still wanted to know fluxiom was there for them.

Today, we are delighted to introduce fluxiom’s first Free plan. No credit card is required to sign up and you can keep it for as long as you please. By signing up for a free plan, you can take fluxiom for a ride, push the buttons, upload your assets and see how the service works for you.

The free plan has all the same features as our Private plan, apart from the storage. You can upgrade to any one of our paid-for plans at any time, up to 20 GB of storage, sharing and versioning, at the push of a single button.

We hope you enjoy our freshly liberated fluxiom, and will, as always, look forwards to hearing your comments and suggestions.

Update: Office 2007/2008 support

Before, fluxiom showed your Office 2007/08 files like this

Now, fluxiom supports previews for Office 2007/08 formats

Even better news: you don’t have to do anything. fluxiom already looked up all your assets in your fluxiom account and generated previews for all existing Office 2007/2008 files in your account. If you upload new files the previews and thumbnails are generated on the fly.

trial period: no more storage limits

no more storage limits

We are proud to announce that today we dropped the storage limitation within the 30-days-free-trial period. This means that after signing up for a new fluxiom account you instantly gain the full storage capacity.

no more storage limits

We hope this update helps our new customers explore all of fluxiom’s features seamlessly during their trial period.

Sign up today. As always, we will look forwards to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Scheduled Maintenance (part 2)

We will be performing maintenance on fluxiom’s infrastructure, which will require us to take down the servers for up to one hour. The scheduled outage is to happen on:

Monday, October 27, 2008 at 8am GMT (view all timezones)

This the second step of our two-step fluxiom backend improvement. We will set the additional hardware we added the other week into operation.

UPDATE: fluxiom is up and running again, thanks for your patience. If you want to keep track about the current status please follow us on http://twitter.com/fluxiom or check our status page: http://status.fluxiom.com

Scheduled Maintenance

We will be performing maintenance on fluxiom’s infrastructure, which will require us to take down the servers for one hour. The scheduled outage is to happen on:

Monday, October 6, 2008 at 8am GMT (view all timezones)

This is step one of a two-step process to improve the fluxiom backend. We are adding additional hardware to better handle our current growth and to anticipate future scaling needs and also to be prepared for planned future features.

UPDATE: The maintenance was finished on time and fluxiom was unavailable for about 5 minutes.

Introducing ImageGeisha

Quite a while ago we decided to revamp the whole imaging and preview processing, and we’re proud to introduce today ImageGeisha our new image manipulation platform. ImageGeisha unifies the image processing in fluxiom and makes browsing your assets an even better visual experience.

Up to 70 times faster than before, ImageGeisha now produces thumbnails and previews for 100+ file formats including new supported formats like Powerpoint, Word or Excel.

fluxiom asset view before ImageGeisha

Before, fluxiom asset view without ImageGeisha (no previews for Office documents)

fluxiom asset view after ImageGeisha

*After, fluxiom asset view with ImageGeisha

You don’t have to do anything. ImageGeisha already looked up all your assets in your fluxiom account and generated previews for all new formats that are now supported. You might already noticed it because we gradually added new supported formats during the past three weeks.

Update: Next to ImageGeisha we also launched a set of refinements and improvements, read more about the improved Interface, ZIP download and branding

Update: improved Interface, ZIP download and branding

Today we launched a set of improvements, some interface refinements are obvious but there were also a bunch of under the hood refinements.

Improved TAG and SHARE panel

We adapted the thumbnail preview in the tag and share panel. You now see a preview of the assets (the first nine) that you are about to share or tag. The badge in the top right corner indicates how many assets you are about to tag or share in total. We already introduced this preview for the stages.

Manage tags menu is now more prominent

By popular request we changed the appearance of the “manage tag” button to make it more prominent.

manage tags before


manage tags after


further improvements

We also pushed a series of improvements and maintenance updates. They’re little things, but they make a big difference.

  • Firefox 3 support added.
  • branding improved: In the past the branding process took quite a while in some cases and in some rarely cases the process failed. The generation of the branded header images for your fluxiom account (including fluxUp! and the fluxiom widget) was vastly improved with this update. Learn more about branding
  • ZIP download significantly faster: We speeded up the ZIP generation, so when you select many files or hundreds of megabytes for a download the ZIP file will now be prepared in just a few seconds and the download starts instantly.
  • upload progress bar was gone: Due to the latest server update the progress bar for indicating the upload progress was gone, the files were uploaded but the progress wasn’t displayed correctly. This is fixed now, we apologize for the inconvenience!

We hope you like this new updates! We’re still in the progress of further optimization to improve the experience.

Thank you for your patience and your support.

More storage space for the same price

Next to some under-the-hood improvements we launched an update last week and increased the file storage space for all fluxiom plans.

  • Private plans now get 1 GB (up from 300 MB)
  • Basic plans now get 3 GB (up from 800 MB)
  • Pro plans now get 8 GB (up from 3 GB)
  • Deluxe plans now get 20 GB (up from 8 GB)

We hope you find the increased storage space useful. If you aren’t already a customer, join us today

Introducing the fluxiom widget

Update: On Mai 1, 2011, we discontinue the dashboard widget. This decision is consistent with our strategy to focus all of our software development resources on extending the web application. Thanks for your continuous support!

The fluxiom widget leverages the branding settings from your fluxiom account to provide a well reached cohesive brand identity. Learn more on how to personalize your fluxiom account.

download now

Download fluxiom widget for Mac OS X

IMPORTANT NOTE: To use the fluxiom widget you have to make sure that the API is activated for you fluxiom account.

more tools: fluxUp!

Our free desktop application fluxUp! allows you to transfer files or entire folders to your fluxiom account with drag-and-drop ease. fluxUp! is available for Mac and Windows

for developers

The fluxiom widget is based on the fluxiom API that allows programmers to access/read/write fluxiom data from third-party systems (eg web-based/desktop products, back-office systems, OS X dashboard widgets, Yahoo/Confabulator widgets, …).