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Introducing the fluxiom widget

Update: On Mai 1, 2011, we discontinue the dashboard widget. This decision is consistent with our strategy to focus all of our software development resources on extending the web application. Thanks for your continuous support!

The fluxiom widget leverages the branding settings from your fluxiom account to provide a well reached cohesive brand identity. Learn more on how to personalize your fluxiom account.

download now

Download fluxiom widget for Mac OS X

IMPORTANT NOTE: To use the fluxiom widget you have to make sure that the API is activated for you fluxiom account.

more tools: fluxUp!

Our free desktop application fluxUp! allows you to transfer files or entire folders to your fluxiom account with drag-and-drop ease. fluxUp! is available for Mac and Windows

for developers

The fluxiom widget is based on the fluxiom API that allows programmers to access/read/write fluxiom data from third-party systems (eg web-based/desktop products, back-office systems, OS X dashboard widgets, Yahoo/Confabulator widgets, …).