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Update: improved Interface, ZIP download and branding

Today we launched a set of improvements, some interface refinements are obvious but there were also a bunch of under the hood refinements.

Improved TAG and SHARE panel

We adapted the thumbnail preview in the tag and share panel. You now see a preview of the assets (the first nine) that you are about to share or tag. The badge in the top right corner indicates how many assets you are about to tag or share in total. We already introduced this preview for the stages.

Manage tags menu is now more prominent

By popular request we changed the appearance of the “manage tag” button to make it more prominent.

manage tags before


manage tags after


further improvements

We also pushed a series of improvements and maintenance updates. They’re little things, but they make a big difference.

  • Firefox 3 support added.
  • branding improved: In the past the branding process took quite a while in some cases and in some rarely cases the process failed. The generation of the branded header images for your fluxiom account (including fluxUp! and the fluxiom widget) was vastly improved with this update. Learn more about branding
  • ZIP download significantly faster: We speeded up the ZIP generation, so when you select many files or hundreds of megabytes for a download the ZIP file will now be prepared in just a few seconds and the download starts instantly.
  • upload progress bar was gone: Due to the latest server update the progress bar for indicating the upload progress was gone, the files were uploaded but the progress wasn’t displayed correctly. This is fixed now, we apologize for the inconvenience!

We hope you like this new updates! We’re still in the progress of further optimization to improve the experience.

Thank you for your patience and your support.