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Introducing fluxiom's Free plan

We at fluxiom like to do things well. When it comes to storing your data, that means investing in heavy-duty server equipment, ensuring our back-up system is comprehensive, and putting our gear into secure data centres. Only then do we start thinking about features and design.

When safeguarding data, one also needs to be sure the machines do not fill up with junk or malicious content. Ensuring our hard drives serve our patrons and serious prospects only helps keep the system stable, nimble and affordable for everyone.

For this very reason, we traditionally asked for a credit card number at sign-up and restricted an account’s storage quota until the first billing cycle. That way, users could get started with fluxiom for free and evaluate the service, but the day they wanted to go steady and to entrust their most valuable assets to our drives, we asked them for a financial commitment. As announced a few days ago, that limitation is no more.

We heard you loud and clear, some of you were uncomfortable providing us with a credit card number before having seen the goods. Others had more modest needs that did not justify a monthly pecuniary commitment, but still wanted to know fluxiom was there for them.

Today, we are delighted to introduce fluxiom’s first Free plan. No credit card is required to sign up and you can keep it for as long as you please. By signing up for a free plan, you can take fluxiom for a ride, push the buttons, upload your assets and see how the service works for you.

The free plan has all the same features as our Private plan, apart from the storage. You can upgrade to any one of our paid-for plans at any time, up to 20 GB of storage, sharing and versioning, at the push of a single button.

We hope you enjoy our freshly liberated fluxiom, and will, as always, look forwards to hearing your comments and suggestions.