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fluxiom and the enterprise

That’s why we at fluxiom are thrilled to work with Casinos Austria International (CAI), a leading player in the international gaming industry. The company decided to migrate part of its infrastructure to fluxiom back in 2006, and has been expanding its reliance on the system ever since, thereby proving the value and pertinence of “software as a service,” even in a traditional corporate setting. Dubbed the “Global Knowledge Network” within the company (thanks to fluxiom’s white label feature), it is now an essential cog in a well-oiled work-flow.

Project leads at Casinos Austria International have kindly allowed us to publish a case study featuring their process in greater detail. We hope this interview provides you with fresh ideas to push the fluxiom envelope in your own business, and contributes to convincing your reluctant boss or co-workers to give fluxiom — and other Web-based tools — a serious try. Remember, our free plan is a good way to get started without tapping into your department’s budget.

Are you using fluxiom in an enterprise setting, too?

Then send us an email to support@fluxiom.com or tweet @fluxiom to let us know. We’re always on the look-out for fresh ideas and suggestions.

In the meantime, you can read the case study.