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fluxiom safe store

How we keep your data safe

  • Environment: Your files are stored in enterprise-grade data centres, monitored 24×7×366 by specialists for environmental stability. Biometric checks, video surveillance and locked cages are but a few of the layered measures that keep your files away from prying hands.
  • Security: Our servers are connected to battery-backed power as well as to n +1 redundant generators in the unlikely event of a prolonged outage. Fire retardant walls, early-warning smoke detectors and gas-release fire suppressant systems stand ready to quench any trouble before it starts.
  • Hardware: Your data is processed and stored exclusively on high-end hardware from Apple and Promise, the storage specialists, for optimal speeds and resiliency.
  • Backups: Data is backed up to yet another RAID array throughout the day, allowing for speedy recovery from even statistically improbable hardware failures. Finally, our primary set-up is backed up to a geographically remote location every single night, just in case a meteorite were to crush the original one.

How we keep your data available

  • Readiness: All your data is stored redundantly on duplicate hardware, and we keep spare parts for all critical network equipment. Our data centres are manned around the clock, meaning most repairs can be effected in a matter of minutes.
  • Connectivity: Both our data centres are linked directly to the Vienna Internet Exchange, a high-performance, high-availability Internet Exchange Point founded and operated by the University of Vienna since 1996. It offers unparalleled connectivity with an outstanding availability track-record.
  • Monitoring: Our early warning system immediately notifies engineers of slowdowns and erratic behaviour, meaning we can respond to most difficulties before they impact our users. Any error condition within the platform is automatically reported to our QA team for further manual analysis.