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Welcome, Safari 4.0 users

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Updated on June 15, 2009 — As planned, and as promised, the latest fluxiom update has now been successfully rolled out, and Safari 4.0 users should no longer see the message discussed below. Thanks for your trust, and keep on fluxin’!

Whether on Mac OS X or Windows, Safari truly is a great browser. In fact, a significant percentage of fluxiom customers use it to access their accounts and manage their assets, whether from work or home. With improved JavaScript performance, Safari 4 truly flies on fluxiom, and makes for an even more enjoyable experience.

We are happy to announce that fluxiom is fully compatible with Safari 4.0 already, and that users can upgrade without worry. In fact, since Safari 4.0 contains a significant number of security enhancements, we recommend that all users upgrade as promptly as possible, personal computing situation permitting.

On Monday, June 15, we will roll out a fluxiom upgrade that will further tailor the Safari browsing experience. Actually, we never stop turning the dials and buttons, tweaking and fine-tuning settings as browsers evolve.

The most visible consequence of this upgrade will be the removal of the “unsupported browser” warning on the login screen, which you can safely disregard for the time being. (This warning does not prevent you from logging in, it merely checks your browser against a list of known-good user agents to facilitate large-scale deployments, but fluxiom’s standards-based infrastructure means it is compatible with any modern application.)

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments! Users who experience any strange behaviour with Safari are kindly invited to contact our support engineers, who will investigate the matter promptly.