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We can’t stop storing ourselves

All paying users get more storage for the same price

Private users double their quota, going from 1 GB to 2 GB, Basic users more than triple it, raising from 3 GB to 15 GB and Pro users go from 8 GB to a very roomy 40 GB. The change is automatic, and no action is required from account administrators to claim the extra capacity. (Clear your browser cache, and reload the account page to get the new numbers if need be.)

Basic and Pro users also get lots more stages — ten and twenty respectively. Hey, more storage means more files to share, right?

We are retiring the Deluxe plan

It served you well, but you wanted more. All Deluxe users have been upgraded to Infinite One, a brand new plan featuring all the great features they know, sitting on top of a whopping 100 GB of storage — instead of the original 20 GB.

We have a new plan, and it’s called Infinity

Actually, it’s a family of plans, allowing enterprise or storage-intensive users to get a custom quote for any amount of storage they want. The sky is truly the limit: simply let us know what you want and our sysops will make it happen for you. We will also throw in unlimited everything, including unlimited stages.

Why we are doing this

Has fluxiom gone mad? Not quite… We’re not going bankrupt either, and this isn’t a blowout sale. It just so happens the fluxiom platform has grown to the point where economies of scale are really kicking in, allowing us to offer lots more capacity for a much more competitive price.

Speaking of storage…

We are not offloading anything to shady third parties or using diskette arrays in the coat closet. With fluxiom, quality comes standard: every plan, from Free to Infinity is hooked to our highly redundant, secure architecture, the very one we have spent years tweaking and polishing, the same large corporations entrust with business-critical assets. You can get all the nitty-gritty on our Q&A page.

Catch’ em while ya’ can

What are you waiting for? The signup page awaits, and so does our support team should you have any questions, comments or concerns about this update.