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A new plan for freelancers

If you are a fluxiom-loving freelancer, we are delighted to announce our best value ever. It’s a new plan, it has been crafted just for you a few days ago, and it focuses on methodically answering all your feedback:

  • You want comfortable storage for all your files
  • You want SSL for serious business data
  • You want plenty of stages to deliver your work
  • You want to brand your account in your image
  • You want built-in versioning for your revisions
  • You want in-file search for your archives

Up until very recently, that meant spending 89 euros on the Pro plan, and, for many amongst you, that just wasn’t gonna to happen. You also felt the unlimited log-ins to the administrative interface were way overkill. Well, we’ve heard you loud and clear!

The brand new Solo plan

The Solo plan, fresh out of our ovens, features all the tools and storage a freelancer needs to conduct a booming business, but sheds the unlimited administrator log-ins. In doing so, it also sheds most of the overhead that led to the comparatively high price point of our Pro plan. Factor in our newly introduced storage re-calibration, and you’ve got yourself a sweet deal.

For just 19 euros a month

We now offer 10 GB of secure fluxiom storage, 10 stages, in-file searching, custom branding, versioning support and SSL security. Only one administrator (you) can access the account, but he gets the full fluxiom extravaganza, meaning web access, our convenient fluxUp tool and any API-powered add-on he wishes to develop.

Sign up at the usual place or upgrade your existing account in one click.

Flux on, freelancers!

Solo accounts are hooked up to the same high-availability, high-redundancy storage platform our enterprise plans feature, and live on the very same code base, lovingly cared for by our in-house administrators.

We are honoured so many of you have decided to get their business started on fluxiom, and we know how much is at play for budding freelancers. We hope this new Solo plan will help you all get started on the best foot, and welcome any questions or feedback you may have.