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We now support IE8

Internet Explorer sure does grab a lot of headlines in the fluxiom world these days!

With our recent news, some IE-enthusiasts have been wondering whether we were, in some way, phasing out our commitment to the Explorer product line altogether, and we wanted to put any such fears to rest immediately. Indeed, nothing could be further from our thoughts, and we remain as committed as ever to support all modern and popular browsers.

In fact, as we are planning to phase out support for the grandfather of Explorers, Internet Explorer 6, we are delighted to announce we now officially support Internet Explorer 8, the latest and greatest addition to the family, which now comes standard on Windows PCs.

Our operations team and designers has been busy over the past few weeks testing every nook and cranny of the fluxiom application on Internet Explorer 8, in both default and common configurations, to ensure it performs as smoothly and reliably as you expect.

Support for IE8 has long been unofficial but, starting today, we are publicly committing to the browser and have added it to our list of recommended applications. This also means the little login warning has now gone the way of the dodo.

In fact, we recommend that all IE users upgrade to this latest version, company guidelines permitting. In addition to new security features and optimised browsing tools, it features an enhanced JavaScript engine, that makes all intensive web applications, including fluxiom, fly a good deal faster. Fewer worries and higher productivity: what’s not to like?