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Fluxin' in and geeking out

It's better with a partner

Here are the bare essentials of a Fluid setup, but be sure to season to taste:

Setting up Fluid to access your fluxiom account

For the ultimate power tool arrangement, we recommend pairing fluxiom with fluxUp!, our native uploader for Mac OS X — and Windows. Upload, store and share files right from your Desktop. There is virtually no delay between the time a file is uploaded and the time it appears in your account interface, meaning fluxiom can take part in the fastest-paced workflows.

We now automatically provide Fluid instances with a custom icon — which you can change from within the application, of course — so that your Dock always looks its best. Our designers also gave the fluxUp! icon a little facelift of its own, empowering both applications to live together in “pairfect” harmony…