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If you are in the habit of sharing or downloading lots of assets at the same time, by which we mean 700 MBs or more, you know it used to take a little while for fluxiom to package and prepare your data.

Sure, we have excuses: 700 MBs is a lot of data, compressing is resource-intensive and there are plenty of operations involved in replying to a seemingly simple click. Yet, we’re not ones for excuses, so we went back to the drawing board, fired up the optometric optimiser and published an update to fluxiom.

This update focuses exclusively on under-the-hood improvements, and considerably speeds up the sharing and downloading features, without changing your existing workflows at all. As an example, it took only two seconds for fluxiom to group and start the download of 940 assets in one of our test accounts — that’s 14 GBs of data! Sharing the same files, which entails packing up the data, generating a unique download link, and sending an email to the intended recipient, took a measly 5 seconds.

All accounts, from Free to Infinity, now benefit from these improvements. We hope you enjoy the speed — remember to fasten your seat belts!