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Saving Private Fluxiom

Indeed, since the introduction of the Free plan, the Private plan has had little new to offer of its own, and we find users who previously used the Private plan as a way to test Fluxiom are now jumping directly from Free to our professional offerings. What’s more, at 19 euros a month with 10 GBs of storage and all our advanced features, we believe the Solo plan offers the best possible value to individual users.

The remainder of our pricing structure remains unaffected. The Free plan is still free, and the professional plans, starting from the freelancer-friendly Solo, are unaffected.

A note to our existing Private plan owners

You are welcome to stay on your current plan for as long as you want, and will continue to get the features you currently enjoy, at the price you currently pay (9 €/month). We are not forcing anyone to upgrade! However, if you ever decided to upgrade or downgrade from your Private plan, it would no longer be possible for you to go back to it.

Verifying the plan you are on

If you do not remember the plan you are on, your Account tab has the answer. We are also actively reaching out to users on the Private plan by email.