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Geo-location lands in Fluxiom

The location information is displayed in the details panel.

Today’s most popular cameras and smartphones automatically embed GPS coordinates into images, making it a snap to know precisely where and in which conditions a particular picture was taken. That information is often stored within the photo file itself, as part of its “metadata,” the very same series of pointers Fluxiom parses to provide you with in-depth information about your assets.

Starting today, Fluxiom will automatically expose any location data stored within your files. Better still, because raw coordinates do not mean much to us humans, that information is displayed along with a small Google Maps thumbnail, which you can click to access full and detailed data about the area.

Location data is immediately available across all plans for both upcoming and existing assets in your account — no need to re-upload anything — and is automatically displayed as a new category in your usual Details panel if there is any such information to be extracted from the file.