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When theatre walks down the streets

Festival organisers started using Fluxiom to upload, distribute and archive the avalanche of photographs that help publicise and document the event.

Every year for nine days, at the beginning of August, La Strada takes over the streets of Graz, Austria’s second largest city centre, for a whirlwind tour of what’s hot, what’s unique and what’s relevant in street art, contemporary performances and puppeteering.

In 2010, the festival organisers started using fluxiom to upload, swap, distribute and archive the avalanche of photographs that help research, plan, publicise and document the event. (That’s a lot of verbs, for an even greater amount of data!)

If you manage a public event, of any scale, we recommend taking a look at the detailed case study, but we couldn’t resist sharing the following bit of fluxiom-powered art…

In order to promote the festival and encourage visitors to go see these unique ephemeral performances, organisers use fluxiom-powered screens to disseminate photos of the day’s key events.

Entirely dynamic and Stages-based, the screens pool data right from the festival’s account. Updating them is therefore a simple matter of applying and removing tags, as photographers roam the streets with their portable gear. Here they are, in action:

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