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Fluxin' in and geeking out

Happy Fluxday!

Five years ago, to the day, Fluxiom was born out of a desire to share photos and mock-ups with our clients. It was an experiment in Web 2.0 before it became a buzzword, and it pushed the boundaries of what a site could do by bringing a desktop-like interface to the browser.

Thanks to your loyal and enthusiastic support, Fluxiom has grown beyond all our expectations. You have shown us the way to more and better features, demonstrated ├╝ber-cool uses of your very own, from business to the arts, and kept us on the edge of our seats by expecting nothing but the best, which we strive to deliver and hope we have.

We will soon have announcements for you as the next generation of Fluxiom is banging on the door, asking to be released from the lab. But today is about celebrating the community that made it possible and turned an experiment into a solid and successful service.

Please join us in some Fluxiom cakes and the green drink of your choice. And here is to the next five years at the side of our terrific users!