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Call it The Uploadinator

Ok, we are, admittedly, just kidding. Still, we have been hard at work to renew the entire file upload interface in Fluxiom. Built from scratch we included features previously reserved for the native Fluxiom Uploader App.

The new interface provides a seamless upload experience from the desktop to your Fluxiom account, including multiple uploads, drag and drop support, live previews, one-click sharing and editing.

With the new interface it is a snap to upload multiple files in a single go or add files to the queue once your upload is already in progress. And yes, it also supports drag and drop. Common actions like preview, share or edit are available for each file so you can immediately take action.

Drag-and-drop support

Drag-and-drop support makes uploading files as convenient as moving them around on your computer. The whole upload window acts as a large drop target for immediate and fluid action: small menus and upload forms are a thing of the past.

Better recovery from errors

Slicing the files allows the uploader to recover from errors by picking up an upload where it left off, thereby using dramatically less time and bandwidth. This feature is currently supported in Firefox 4+ and Chrome.

One-click actions

We also added smart shortcuts right to the uploads list so that you can immediately take action on your uploaded files:

Preview, edit and sharing is just one click away.

The new uploader has already gone live and is available in your account by the time you read these lines. We encourage you to give it a try without delay and look forward to hearing your thoughts. And remember, we are always here for you should you encounter any difficulties whatsoever.