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Fluxiom remembers you (again)

We have rolled out an update that fixes an issue with the Remember Me functionality.

The old “Remember me” function was not working properly and caused troubles for some of you, and we really regret that. So we put some time aside to not just quickly fix this issue but overhaul the whole process.

When signing in to Fluxiom, you are given the option to click Remember me on this computer, so the next time you open your browser and visit Fluxiom, you are not required to sign in again. As long as you don’t explicitly sign out, Fluxiom will remember your browser.

Fluxiom can also keep you logged in on different machines at the same time. Logging out on one machine will not log you out on any other computer or mobile device where you previously logged in with “Remember me” checked.

The “Remember me” functionality is a great option for your personal computers or your mobile devices. However if you are using a publicly-accessible computer we recommend to not use the “Rembember me” functionality or at least make sure that you click “Sign out” before you leave the computer.

We also added additional security updates and included SSL encryption for the Login page for all accounts. While full SSL encryption is included in all Pro-and-higher plans we have added SSL secure encryption for the Login page for all Fluxiom accounts, including the Free accounts.

We hope this improvements make it more convenient for you to access Fluxiom from your different devices be it your laptop, iPad or your office machine.

Happy fluxin’
The Fluxiom Team

PS: We also made a bunch of other changes, we will cover in a separate post…