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Improved email delivery for all users

Fluxiom is a wonderful way to avoid email overload, especially when collaborating with others. Email is still part of the experience, though, when it makes the most sense: we mail links and updates to your contacts on your behalf to make sure they see them, and we sometimes need to get rapidly in touch with you about invoices, service updates and account configuration changes.

You might have noticed that, once in a blue moon, Fluxiom emails can get caught in SPAM filters. As SPAM levels rise on the Internet, email administrators require increasingly complex authentication measures: the burden is on us to prove we are good guys.

To that effect, we have now switched to a vastly improved email delivery system, that turns all the authentication knobs to eleven. Rest assured no action is required on your part.

Our emails should now reach you faster, and even fewer will be erroneously marked as SPAM. Going forward, our administrators will also be able to collect global filtering data, and will tweak content or formatting to further improve delivery.

As always, please let us know if you, or anybody you share files with, experience any issues with Fluxiom emails. We are committed to continuously improving and streamlining your experience with the application, and that extends to every single message we send.