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Improvements to the data export feature

Fluxiom never locks you in: our data export feature enables you to download the last version of all your stored assets at the click of a button. Whatever you sent us we send you back, in a ZIP archive. There are no proprietary formats and no sneaky exceptions.

Now that Fluxiom allows you to store tremendous amounts of data in the cloud, these archives sometimes grow extremely large. Once in a while, they get so large that browsers and routers can choke on them mid-way, forcing you to re-start the complete lengthy download a few times, until it goes through.

Obviously, this goes against our « easy out » policy. This is why today we have pushed an updated, improved export feature. There is only one change: instead of sending you one potentially huge ZIP archive, we break your data down into chunks of 5 GB (about one DVD) or 1000 files. Each chunk gets its own archive, which you can download separately from the rest.

There are no other changes, and the export feature is still as complete, as fast and as freely available as it has always been. We hope this tweak makes your life simpler, and look forward to hearing your feedback.