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New feature: Tags in Stages

Tags are a key ingredient in the Fluxiom formula. Tagging files makes it easy to drill right down to the documents you are looking for, no matter how large your account, and how advanced your criteria. And we all know how convenient Stages are, when it comes to sharing your files securely with clients and partners.

Yet, until today, Stages did not reflect the various tags you had assigned to the documents they contained. While it was not a big issue for smaller Stages, it could occasionally make files more difficult to find than they could — and should — have been.

Today, we are happy to announce that this limitation is no more. All the tags that have been assigned to the documents you put in a Stage will be displayed in a Stage-wide Tag Bar. This bar behaves just like the Tag Bar that already appears in your Fluxiom account. It will also feel instantly familiar to anybody who has ever used labels to manage their email, or tags on OS X.

The Tag Bar is now available in Stages

This new feature does not change the way Stages work. There is no new interface to learn, and nothing to update in your existing Stages.

Do note that because the tags you selected to create the Stage in the first place are assigned to all the documents your users have access to, they will not appear in the Tag Bar. If there are no other tags in the Stage, the bar will simply display Fluxiom’s helpful built-in tags, such as « Images », « Today », etc.

1.700 Stages on Fluxiom currently host nearly 1.000.000 documents, and we think this small but significant update will tremendously boost their usability. As the system keeps growing, we will keep looking for ways to make retrieving and sharing your data even easier.

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome on Stages. We look forward to hearing what you would like to see next in Fluxiom, and will have one more thing to share in the coming days.