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Fluxin' in and geeking out

We’ve had a little work done

The more you use Fluxiom, the better it gets. Today, we are introducing two small updates, to help you work in greater comfort. With so much happening in computing news at the moment, we’re holding off on bigger changes, but this round of improvements should fit right into your existing workflow.

A new Tag Bar toggle

Tags have been key to the Fluxiom experience from the start. They are displayed prominently above the file picker for quick, convenient access to your documents.

As your collections grow, so does your Tag Bar. Yet, on today’s smaller screens, it no longer makes sense to keep a long list of tags in full view at all times.

The new Tag Bar toggle allows you to hide or show the Tag Bar at the click of a button. Click to see, un-click to un-see: this is all there is to it: a small button makes a big difference.

Focus on files, focus on tags: the choice is now yours.

A clean new look

We’ve updated our icons, switches, and boxes for greater visual consistency. You’ll notice a cleaner, slightly flatter look, as well as subtler colours, to better complement your content.

And yes, Fluxiom is now Retina-optimised all the way through! It will look gorgeous on any device, including the brand new Retina HD iPhone 6 Plus.

Finally, the visual representation of Tags has been updated, so that it is consistent throughout the interface. The familiar Tag « bubbles » will appear in the Tag Bar, on Stages, and in the Edit Panel. This will make it easier to manipulate Tags, and it paves the way for deeper Tag-related features…

It’s the Fluxiom you know and love, all grown up.

Muscle-memory friendly: our fresh new icons won’t confuse you.

Consistent Tag « bubbles » pave the way for a better, richer Fluxiom.

Let us know…

Fluxiom was born from your needs, and continues to evolve hand-in-hand with your workflows. We’re always here to help, and we love hearing your feedback. We’re already hard at work on the next round of updates, and can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned…