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Contact sheets have finally come to Fluxiom

Digital asset management may be the way of the future, but the humble sheet of paper remains surprisingly useful. Cheap, unbreakable, and infinitely expandable, it is ideal for early drafts, quick reviews, and ad-hoc shares. This is why contact sheets remain in heavy use in ateliers, design studios, and magazines around the world.

Today, we’re making it extra-easy — and extra-useful — to jump from Fluxiom to paper, by introducing Contact Sheet Printing, a new feature that does just what you would expect, beautifully.

Select your files, and click on the Print button. (You’ll find it in the bottom Toolbar). A window will pop up, allowing you to confirm your selection, and tweak the number of columns. A click on the green Print button is then all it takes for the contact sheets to emerge from your printer.

Go offline, not backwards: the full power of Fluxiom is available to you, as you select images to print. You can click on thumbnails, filter by tags, highlight results from a search, and even open a Stage. It all works, and you can organise your sheets by client, date, mood, process, theme, etc.

Pro tip: use your system’s « Print to PDF » feature for instant portfolios, and to quickly insert image galleries in your documents.

While simple on the surface, this new feature has been optimised to answer the needs of professional photographers, across paper sizes, printer types, and workflow habits. We hope it is as useful to you as we strived to make it, and we look forward — as ever — to hearing your feedback.

Key features

  • Print Contact Sheets from Fluxiom
  • Pick files any way you want
  • Available everywhere, including Stages
  • Images are optimised to remain crisp and beautiful
  • Simple layouts encourage efficient collaboration