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Woof! Your data is safe from POODLE

If you keep an eye on computing news, you have no doubt heard about POODLE.

If you haven’t, suffice it to say that it is a security vulnerability that can, in the right circumstances, lead to the disclosure of information that was thought to be transmitted securely across the Internet. In the very worst case scenario, this could leak sensitive data, and allow a malicious user to highjack an authenticated session.

The good news is that you are already safe, and fully protected against POODLE when using Fluxiom. No action is required on your part. If you are interested in the details, please read on.

Was Fluxiom affected by POODLE?

POODLE is an attack against the SSL 3 protocol. It is not a vulnerability in any particular application. As such, Fluxiom was indeed theoretically vulnerable to POODLE, much like the very vast majority of sites around the Internet.

However, because POODLE was disclosed responsibly, because we reacted swiftly, and because POODLE requires the attacker to operate from a privileged network position, we have every reason to believe that it never posed a practical threat to Fluxiom customers. We say this from our usual standpoint of informed paranoia.

Am I safe from POODLE on Fluxiom?

Emphatically yes. Support for SSL 3 has been disabled across the board on our servers. This means you are totally safe from POODLE while using Fluxiom.

What should I do?

When it comes to Fluxiom, nothing. Continue practicing good password hygiene, refrain from connecting to your account on public computers, and exercise care on public networks. Same old, same old.

Generally speaking, keep an eye out for software updates. A lot of them. Vendors are poised to release patches for browsers and operating systems in the coming days. While you are safe on Fluxiom.com, keeping your software up-to-date across the board is the only way to ensure your continued safety online.

This blog post suggests workarounds for users who wish to heighten their degree of protection, pending official updates from vendors.

More questions?

Should you have any questions about the security of your data on Fluxiom, please get in touch. We are committed to the safety and security of your data, and are always happy to hear from you.

Key points

  • POODLE is a security bug
  • It affects almost every site on the web
  • Your data is safe on Fluxiom.com