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A smoother, more efficient Fluxiom

Better Tags management, improved search, and a refreshed interface have come to Fluxiom today. We are committed to making Fluxiom the best it can be, which includes sanding away any rough edges that could slow you down. The changes we are making today do not fundamentally alter the functionality of the application but should shave precious seconds off even simple workflows.

Small improvements have been made to the interface, across the application, amongst which a fresh new selection colour for both Assets and Tags. Icons have been refined further still, both to enhance Retina compatibility and to communicate complex meanings more efficiently.

Better Tags management

Tags are now managed from their own Tab. To add, delete, or rename Tags, simply click on the Tags tab at the top of the interface. Tags are more often accessed than managed, and separating usage from administration will help clarify both sides of the feature.

Full Text Search

You can now trigger a Full Text Search by depressing the new Full Text Search button, located right next to the Search Field. It used to be that Full Text Search was only available as a secondary step, after the completion of a regular Search operation. This button puts both flavours of Search on an equal footing.

Streamlined interface

Small improvements have been made to the interface, across the application. These include a new and more consistent selection colour for Assets and Tags, refreshed icons, and enhanced compatibility with Retina displays.

You would be right to think that Fluxiom is on a roll. We are investing significant resources into a programme of continuous functional improvements. The stability and security of the platform remain our primary concerns, but we believe this steady stream of enhancements will keep Fluxiom at the top of its game. As always, feel free to get in touch. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

Key features

  • Tags Management now lives in its own tab
  • Full Text Search can be enabled directly
  • Interface inconsistencies have been resolved