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Introducing improved invoicing settings

We are proud to announce two small improvements to Fluxiom’s invoicing settings.

1) Invoices can now be sent to a dedicated email address.

It used to be that the Fluxiom Account Holder necessarily received all invoices. From now on, you can enter a separate email address for invoices only. This enables you to send all invoices directly to your accountant, while you focus on managing the application and running your team.

2) The address field is now flexible.

The small and rigid address fields have been replaced by a free-form text area. This allows you to enter more complex addresses, including building names and suite numbers. You can also use this field to enter any information you need to appear on the invoice, such as project identifiers or company registration numbers.

Both new features are entirely optional, and existing account holders need not change anything unless they expressly want to. Should you want to avail yourself of the new options, simply log into Fluxiom, and click on the “Account” tab.

We look forward to hearing your feedback while we work on further refinements to the interface. Let us know how the new invoicing features fit your workflow, and how we can improve further.