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Simpler sharing has landed

Email is — and remains — a pillar of modern collaboration. This is why Fluxiom has always made it easy to mail assets to the recipients of your choice. Today, we are introducing important refinements to this classic feature.

Focus on links

Only 0.8% of Fluxiom users have ever shared their files inline. Given the many arbitrary limitations placed on attachments, and the vagaries of corporate SPAM filters, this is hardly surprising. Therefore, we are retiring this particular option, in favour of linking securely to your files. Attachment-free emails are smaller, and travel much faster: a win for both parties.

Clearer options

Fluxiom is all set to email links on your behalf, complete with custom comments. However, if you prefer to send the message from your own email client, you can opt to open a filled-in draft in your local application of choice. This allows you to edit, send, and archive your message as you would any other. Because there are now two options, we now display two buttons: one green, for Fluxiom, one grey, for local email. Gone are the long radio buttons — they shan’t be missed.

The new sharing panel

To access the freshly redesigned sharing pane, simply select your assets, and click on the blue Share icon in the bottom toolbar.

The team remains hard at work to ensure optimum delivery times for all your emails, in both the front- and back-ends. We hope this cleaner, simpler interface helps you shave precious seconds off your workflow, and look forward — as always — to reading your feedback.