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Up they go, there you go

The Uploader is Fluxiom’s unsung hero, enabling you to import assets into your accounts from the comfort of a native OS X application. It is also the perfect starting point for automated workflows using AppleScript, and similar technologies.

We are psyched to introduce an update to the Uploader, bringing in a fresh new look and a vibrant new icon. This new version also includes full copy-and-paste support to facilitate uploading large groups of files, in addition to the usual drag-and-drop facilities.

This release has been optimized for OS X v. 10.9 Mavericks and later, including the current OS X v. 10.10 Yosemite — and the upcoming OS X v. 10.11 El Capitan. To facilitate large-scale deployments, as well as system restores, it is distributed exclusively on the Mac App Store. It is also fully sandboxed and TLS-enabled, so as to guarantee optimal levels of security.

See the web uploader interface and the Fluxiom Uploader in action

We are already hard at work on further refinements to the application, including new and faster ways to upload data and switch between all your logged-in accounts. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Key Points

  • The Fluxiom Uploader has been updated
  • It is now brighter and more secure
  • You can download it from the Mac App Store

Helping you find new files

The Assets View is the core of your Fluxiom account. It refreshes in real time, displaying files as they come in.

Freshly uploaded files now bear a green badge right in front of their filename

Today, to make it even easier to locate the latest additions to your data, we have started badging the newest files with a small green indicator. It is applied to all new files, whether uploaded by you or somebody else, and it disappears as soon as you reload the view manually.

If you are actively working in your Assets View, we will highlight the Reload button instead

As always, we won’t interfere with your Assets View if you are in the middle of something important. New assets don’t show up if you have actively selected files or are performing a search, meaning there would be nothing for us to badge. In this instance, we will continue to highlight the Reload button to let you know that new data has arrived, just as before.

Key Points

  • Freshly uploaded files now bear a green badge
  • If you are actively working in your Assets View, we will highlight the Reload button instead

A zippier user manager

Knowing whom you share your data with, and how, is central to the Fluxiom experience. Today, we are happy to announce deep improvements to our user management interface, all carefully designed to enable faster and more secure sharing.

Creating users is now a one-step process. This is by far the deepest change: instead of creating an account and then setting up its privileges, you can do both in a single stroke. This simpler process alleviates any confusion as to what privileges a freshly created user may have on the system.

To add a user to your account, start by clicking the “New User” button in the bottom toolbar, just as before. The creation form now features a new “Permissions” section, and they take effect the minute you click “Create.” (Which will also send an email to the user, and walk them through activating their account, in one fell swoop.)

It is now simpler to rescind access rights. You could always do this, of course, by removing a user’s “login rights” from their profile, but we felt the process was needlessly convoluted. Each User Card on the Users tab now features a “Revoke access” button.

Clicking this button will prevent the user from logging into Fluxiom, but will retain their account information, so that you can easily restore their access and settings. Doing so is as simple as locating their Card in the Deactivated Users list and clicking on “Reactivate.”

We now display all users by default, whether they are active or inactive. This simpler design should immediately lift any doubts as to who has (and can have) access to your account. User profiles are simply split into two groups, based on their status.

You can now search for either names or email addresses. Search is smart, too, so that partial matches return the results you expect. For example, you can quickly surface every user from a particular company based on email domains.

We now support Gravatars in addition to custom profile pictures. This means fewer generic avatars and a more visual experience all around. Existing Gravatars are displayed by default until users upload an avatar of their own. Gravatars respect your privacy and update automatically.

We hope these improvements to the Users tab help you keep track of your data and those who can access it. They are but the visible tip of a freshly redesigned iceberg and part of our ongoing improvement programme. As always, our support team is ready to answer any question you may have about these new features.

Key Points

  • The Users tab and user creation form have been streamlined
  • There is a new button to disable user accounts
  • User names and emails can now be searched
  • Fluxiom now displays Gravatars

A faster, fresher Fluxiom

They say God is in the details. Simplicity certainly is, and we just introduced two changes to the Fluxiom interface that should make it much easier to search and manage your Assets without missing a single beat.

Faster Reset

We have long provided a Reset button to clear selected tags, empty the Search field, and generally return to an “all-items” view of your data. It is still here, but it has been moved and redesigned so that its behaviour is evident: look for it at all times to the left of the Search field.

No matter what you may be doing or which mode you may be in, a click on this button will return your Assets view to its defaults, showing all your data with the most recent items on top. “Boom!” — as someone would have said.

Instant Refresh

Your Assets view will now refresh in real time, as apps or colleagues upload new files to your account. You no longer need to refresh anything manually to see the latest data.

Of course, it would make no sense to move files around when you need your Assets view to remain stable — for example when editing metadata or performing a search. Therefore, if you have selected items or have opened a panel, we will put up a small red badge on the Refresh button instead to let you know that new files are awaiting you:

Bringing real-time updates to Fluxiom without sacrificing performance (or security) meant re-engineering some core components. Expect further enhancements over time and more real-time features now that the necessary groundwork has been completed.

In the meantime, we hope these two tweaks empower you to manage your files with greater ease. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Stronger crypto, better security

TLS is the magic crypto-dust that keeps your data safe while it travels over the Internet. It is the technology that your bank uses to secure transactions over the wire. It is, also, the technology that we use at Fluxiom to protect your files and account data from prying eyes.

TLS has made great strides recently, and we wanted to give you the best it now has to offer. Today, we are proud to introduce a significant update that boosts security across the board, without sacrificing an ounce of performance — because we know both are essential to you.

As a consequence of this upgrade, all plans now offer and enforce TLS access, including the free tier. If you use the Fluxiom web application, or the official Fluxiom clients, no action is required to enjoy this extra level of protection.

Security-minded users will be glad to note that the industry-standard Qualys server test now awards Fluxiom the much-coveted A+ rating. We will, of course, keep reviewing this configuration to stay ahead of potential threats, and encourage you to keep your browser up-to-date.

We thank you for your continued trust in Fluxiom and welcome — as always — your comments and feedback on the service.

PS: If you use a custom application to access Fluxiom, please note that our API endpoints will start enforcing TLS on 13 July 2015. Your developer may want to take a quick look at the documentation before then.

Sort it out — on Fluxiom

The Assets view is the heart of Fluxiom, and almost everything you do on the platform starts there. Because there are many ways to filter your files, including Search and Tags, the view itself has always remained as neutral as possible, listing your files by modified date, showing the most recent first.

This default configuration makes it easy to locate your latest uploads, and act upon them quickly. However, it is not without limitations, and we have long wanted to provide more ways to survey your files globally. Today, this dream has become a feature!

Introducing Sorting

The new sorting options can be accessed through a simple pop-up menu, located to the right of the Search field. Simply click, and select amongst the sorting options: title, creation date, modification date, and file size. You can also opt to sort the files in ascending or descending order, depending on your needs.

The files shown in your Assets view, whether as thumbnails or list items, will immediately shift into position. Active Tag filters, if any, will remain engaged, so that you can combine sorting and filtering at will.

A click on the Reset button — located in the Tag bar, as always — is all it takes to restore your Assets view to its familiar defaults. Sorting is available to all Fluxiom users right now, including on Stages.

Small interface, big feature

This seemingly small change to the Assets view packs a big punch when combined with our drag-and-drop interface. As a prelude to “rubber-banding” your files to select them, Sorting enables you to act upon your assets with unmatched speed. This will be especially useful to users who are migrating from a traditional filesystem, where it is not uncommon for file names — arranged alphabetically — to carry strong significance.

Let us know

We believe this refinement to the interface will translate into big time savings for our busiest users. We are just getting started, and would love to hear how Sorting influences your workflows — as well as any extra sorting options you wish were available. The team is already hard at work on the next round of improvements but will — as always — keep a keen eye out for your feedback!

Key Points

  • You can now sort your Assets view
  • Use the pop-up menu next to the Search field
  • Click Reset in the Tag bar to cancel