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Sort it out — on Fluxiom

The Assets view is the heart of Fluxiom, and almost everything you do on the platform starts there. Because there are many ways to filter your files, including Search and Tags, the view itself has always remained as neutral as possible, listing your files by modified date, showing the most recent first.

This default configuration makes it easy to locate your latest uploads, and act upon them quickly. However, it is not without limitations, and we have long wanted to provide more ways to survey your files globally. Today, this dream has become a feature!

Introducing Sorting

The new sorting options can be accessed through a simple pop-up menu, located to the right of the Search field. Simply click, and select amongst the sorting options: title, creation date, modification date, and file size. You can also opt to sort the files in ascending or descending order, depending on your needs.

The files shown in your Assets view, whether as thumbnails or list items, will immediately shift into position. Active Tag filters, if any, will remain engaged, so that you can combine sorting and filtering at will.

A click on the Reset button — located in the Tag bar, as always — is all it takes to restore your Assets view to its familiar defaults. Sorting is available to all Fluxiom users right now, including on Stages.

Small interface, big feature

This seemingly small change to the Assets view packs a big punch when combined with our drag-and-drop interface. As a prelude to “rubber-banding” your files to select them, Sorting enables you to act upon your assets with unmatched speed. This will be especially useful to users who are migrating from a traditional filesystem, where it is not uncommon for file names — arranged alphabetically — to carry strong significance.

Let us know

We believe this refinement to the interface will translate into big time savings for our busiest users. We are just getting started, and would love to hear how Sorting influences your workflows — as well as any extra sorting options you wish were available. The team is already hard at work on the next round of improvements but will — as always — keep a keen eye out for your feedback!

Key Points

  • You can now sort your Assets view
  • Use the pop-up menu next to the Search field
  • Click Reset in the Tag bar to cancel