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Stronger crypto, better security

TLS is the magic crypto-dust that keeps your data safe while it travels over the Internet. It is the technology that your bank uses to secure transactions over the wire. It is, also, the technology that we use at Fluxiom to protect your files and account data from prying eyes.

TLS has made great strides recently, and we wanted to give you the best it now has to offer. Today, we are proud to introduce a significant update that boosts security across the board, without sacrificing an ounce of performance — because we know both are essential to you.

As a consequence of this upgrade, all plans now offer and enforce TLS access, including the free tier. If you use the Fluxiom web application, or the official Fluxiom clients, no action is required to enjoy this extra level of protection.

Security-minded users will be glad to note that the industry-standard Qualys server test now awards Fluxiom the much-coveted A+ rating. We will, of course, keep reviewing this configuration to stay ahead of potential threats, and encourage you to keep your browser up-to-date.

We thank you for your continued trust in Fluxiom and welcome — as always — your comments and feedback on the service.

PS: If you use a custom application to access Fluxiom, please note that our API endpoints will start enforcing TLS on 13 July 2015. Your developer may want to take a quick look at the documentation before then.