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A zippier user manager

Knowing whom you share your data with, and how, is central to the Fluxiom experience. Today, we are happy to announce deep improvements to our user management interface, all carefully designed to enable faster and more secure sharing.

Creating users is now a one-step process. This is by far the deepest change: instead of creating an account and then setting up its privileges, you can do both in a single stroke. This simpler process alleviates any confusion as to what privileges a freshly created user may have on the system.

To add a user to your account, start by clicking the “New User” button in the bottom toolbar, just as before. The creation form now features a new “Permissions” section, and they take effect the minute you click “Create.” (Which will also send an email to the user, and walk them through activating their account, in one fell swoop.)

It is now simpler to rescind access rights. You could always do this, of course, by removing a user’s “login rights” from their profile, but we felt the process was needlessly convoluted. Each User Card on the Users tab now features a “Revoke access” button.

Clicking this button will prevent the user from logging into Fluxiom, but will retain their account information, so that you can easily restore their access and settings. Doing so is as simple as locating their Card in the Deactivated Users list and clicking on “Reactivate.”

We now display all users by default, whether they are active or inactive. This simpler design should immediately lift any doubts as to who has (and can have) access to your account. User profiles are simply split into two groups, based on their status.

You can now search for either names or email addresses. Search is smart, too, so that partial matches return the results you expect. For example, you can quickly surface every user from a particular company based on email domains.

We now support Gravatars in addition to custom profile pictures. This means fewer generic avatars and a more visual experience all around. Existing Gravatars are displayed by default until users upload an avatar of their own. Gravatars respect your privacy and update automatically.

We hope these improvements to the Users tab help you keep track of your data and those who can access it. They are but the visible tip of a freshly redesigned iceberg and part of our ongoing improvement programme. As always, our support team is ready to answer any question you may have about these new features.

Key Points

  • The Users tab and user creation form have been streamlined
  • There is a new button to disable user accounts
  • User names and emails can now be searched
  • Fluxiom now displays Gravatars