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New Preview Pop-Over

Fluxiom’s quick and easy previews are the best way to drill into large file collections. Today, we are introducing a dramatically simpler and faster way to peek into your photos, videos, and PDFs: gone are the old-school pop-up windows, replaced instead by lightweight in-app overlays.

These overlays offer all the rich functionality you rightly expect from Fluxiom’s desktop-class interface:

  1. Press the Space bar to open the preview.
  2. Navigate from one file to the next by using your Arrow keys, without closing the previews.
  3. Access key file information — such as the name and size of each document — above the previews.
  4. Press the space bar to quickly return to your Assets View. Check out all available keyboard-shortcuts.

Quick-action buttons enable you to download each file as you view it, or to transfer it to a pop-up window, so as to compare as many assets as you wish on the screen. (The latter functionality emulates the old previews.)

We no longer enlarge small images when displaying them. Conversely, large files are now carefully downsized and presented in full Retina quality. This ensures that previews always look their best and should greatly facilitate delicate design work.

From a technical standpoint, the new previews use as much native browser functionality as possible, thereby maximizing performance and battery life. (Can you say iPad Pro?) In particular, the video player now uses HTML5 by default (using Flash only as a fallback) and PDF documents are natively embedded.

The new previews are available right now across Fluxiom, including on Stages. We know how central previews are to your workflows and hope you will enjoy this lighter and better-performing version. As always, we eagerly look forward to reading your feedback!

Key points

  • Previews are now lighter and faster
  • Videos and PDFs now display natively
  • You can still pop out assets in separate windows to compare them