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Fluxiom introduces object & scene detection for your images!

Thanks to Nik MacMillan, Holly Mandarich, Julie Macey and Shea Rouda for the perfect picture to illustrate the new Fluxiom feature “automatic labels for your images”.

In the details panel you will find the labels for your images

With this new feature Fluxiom can detect and recognise objects, people and scenes in your images for better search results.

The asset labels are trained and tested to reflect your image characteristics.
This means you can search after labels like “Tree” or “Human” or “Portrait” and many more to find your relevant asset.

Short facts about it:

  • The recognition and detection for the assets is done in Fluxiom – no 3rd party services are used to retrieve labels
  • The labels will be available instantly for all new uploads
  • For all existing images the labels will be generated until end of June

Stay tuned for updates in the next blogpost.

Nice video on how object & scene detection is used in a different used case: “AI Object and Scene Recognition by Huawei”: youtube.com/watch?v=G7EDoF87x4A

🎉🎉🙌We’re excited to announce that now all labels are generated for all users. 🎉🎉🙌