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Online-Payment Security with Strong User Authentication (SCA)

With the entry into force of the PSD2 Guidelines on 14 September 2019, the European Banking Authority is calling for a higher level of security for all transactions, including payment transactions that involve fraud: this is where Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into play.

The SCA wants to ensure a secure authentication of the user and thus reduce the risk of fraud. For example, the typical card payment has been secured for a long time. When paying online with a credit card, 3D Secure provides strong authentication.
However, the PSD2 now envisages that users who want to access their payment account online or trigger a payment online will also be required to use two-factor-authentication (2FA), which is required for strong customer authentication.

Recurring payment transactions, ie standing orders, with a fixed amount are exempted from the second transaction. Therefore, only the first transaction with an SCA has to be released.

The following steps describe the process:

  • For existing customers
    Here nothing changes until a new credit card will be added.
  • For new customers – when registering for a trial version
    Here nothing changes in the first 30 days.
  • Get a paid account with monthly fee (starter, team, business)
    Got to Account -—> Billing -—> Credit Card to add the credit card details for debit

Step 1: In this step, adding the credit card is required. In the course of entering the credit card data (name, number and check number), the confirmation is also requested in the second step by the user to release the debit.

Step 2: The second step is depending on your Credit Card and will ask you to identify with a push notification, a text message, or another method chosen by your bank.

Step 3: After successfully updating or adding your credit card details this message will appear: Your credit card details were successfully updated

Account/Billing Details

Step 1: Enter Credit Card Details Pop Up

Credit Card Successful Added / Updated