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Group your Fluxiom tags with colours

Some of our customers do have many tags to organise.
We help our customers to keep their data organised and up-to-date. For this reason we picked a customer feedback from our long time customer Peter to share it with all Fluxiom users.

How to work with tag colours

Color your tags to group them visually for better organisation.
At Create tags you can see how to set colours for your own tags.

To colour your tags go to the “Tags section” and click on the grey icon to open the colour chooser to colour each tag.
The chosen tag colour will appear in the Asset view tag panel and all relevant views where you can see your tags.

💚 We hope you are as far so happy with this great customer suggestion as we. Thanks to Peter for reaching out to us with your feedback! 💚
We love your feedback and we are always glad to support you!